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Surviving the Marathon of “The College Process”


Parents are invited to spend the evening getting educated about the steps and timeline of the college process.


How do you select the right colleges to maximize your child’s chances of success and happiness?  Where can you find financial aid and scholarships for your child?   How do you make the most of your time during campus visits?   Are college interviews are really necessary?  If your child is “just your average, intelligent, really great kid,” are there good schools out there for them? What about starting out at one school and transferring later; is it really an Ivy League degree if my child only transferred as a sophomore or junior?  Are there really schools that don’t require the SAT/ACT for admission?


Find out the answers to these and many other questions in this highly informative session targeted at the parents of high-school freshmen, sophomores and juniors.


Tuesday October 21, 2014


Midland Park Library

250 Godwin Avenue

Midland Park, NJ


This is a free workshop, but please RSVP to the library at (201) 444-2390 so we properly prepare.